Branch Offices

The Hispanic-China Chamber of Commerce headquarters are in Madrid, Spain.

Cámara de Comercio Hispano China (Hispanic-China Chamber of Commerce)


Att. Cámara de Comercio Hispano China

Plaza Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta Nº 1, 4ª Planta

PC 28004 Madrid, España

Tel.: +34 917589616


New Branch Offices

Do you want to open a new Hispanic-China Chamber of Commerce’s branch office?

We are evaluating projects to open branch offices in Catalonia, the North of Spain, all the Chinese provinces, South America and Central America.


If you are interested in opening a new branch office and you have experience doing businesses with China, please send an email with your request (cover letter) and curriculum vitae and the explanation of your project to:


Cámara de Comercio Hispano China


Subject: I am interested in opening a branch office in...